Empowering Creativity & Collaboration

Through Our State-of-the-Art Facility

The Forge location in Grand Rapids, MN

Building a culture of innovation and diversity in the heart of Itasca County.

The vision at The Forge is a tight-knit community that works together to explore new ideas. Our aim with this advanced facility is to allow anyone from all walks of life to invest in their ideas and create opportunities they’ve only dreamt of.

Values at The Forge


We respect each other, our intellectual property, and the creative process. We value the access to experience and resources The Forge provides. We know entrepreneurship takes a village.


We approach new ideas and challenges with curiosity. We are adaptive, diligent, and unafraid of failure. We believe that every idea deserves to be explored.


We drive innovation when we work together. We value everyone’s experience-we all have something to contribute. We trust one another to uplift and support our community.


The Forge was developed with you in mind.

Not everyone has access to facilities and equipment that allow them to explore their curiosity and build upon their vision. That is why The Forge was founded: to allow anyone and everyone to have access to a space where they can collaborate and innovate.

Begin your project at The Forge today!